The first 
beach tennis racket 
in the world!


JAYKAY is the result of a project started in 2012, in which people believed they could change somthing that seemed unchangable. JAYKAY is concieved by the idea of making a product which is higly innovative, out of the box and with a strong personality, so strong to be able to have an inner utopy to change the reference market.

Made in Italy

"Made in Italy" it's not just a label to us. It's a value in which we strongly believe.
The struggle was big, but we managed to keep every step of the production chain in Italy.
We decided to give up on easy compromizes, thinking that the  madness to make every single piece of the racket in Italy is a revolutionary action, able to picture our way to work in the best way.
We like the idea to represent Italy, that one which to us is still a symbol of design, aritisan waork and innovation.

Quality & Design

The principle applied to the JAYKAY project mirrors the best expression of design. 
Every shape contains the perfection related to its function. Let's consider the supporting framework; its innovative section, which marks out all the project, is the result of the study of the penetration of the air and the resistance to the twisting. This planning makes a clear, essential and marvelously perfect design.

“We won't try to make thing better than the others...we will make them differently”


Pro.One Production has started

Recently in the Riba Composites factories, in Faenza, after the pre-series phase, the PRO.ONE in series production has officially started.

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JAYKAY is BEACH TENNIS SCHOOL official partner

Ready to partner up!
Beach Tennis School is the most important Italian Beach Tennis school, steps forward into the market with an innovative...

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From 2/27 to 3/1 at Faenza Beach Park, Italian Indoor beach tennis championships will take place. JAYKAY will be present at the event that will officially mark the beginning of season 2015 with great news. We'll be waiting...we'll show up!

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Official partner

JAYKAY, like us, is an out-and-out company, run by an experienced managing structure. JAYKAY has introduced itself with a totally innovative organization and product, different to the other ones in the market, and as we are unique companies by different points of view, and as we share ambitious projects, we could do nothing but combining our efforts to reach a common aim.

Paolo Tazzari
Beach Tennis School